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September 18, 19, & 20, 2015

Launched in 2011, the annual Harmony and Motion Festival celebrates the diversity of music and dance in San Diego. Blending professional and highly-skilled amateur live music with talented dancers, the festival is always a world tour of music and dance. In 2015, the Harmony and Motion expanded to celebrate Balboa Park's Centennial.

On Friday, Harmony and Motion presented a tribute to Balboa Park's illustrious history, a significant aspect of which has been performing arts. Guitarist Fred Benedetti, who got his start in the Park nearly four decades ago, performed. A virtuoso-level musician, Fred performed a range of international music, including Classical, Irish, American and British Pop, and music influenced by the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. San Diego Civic Dance Arts also gave a special presentation.

Saturday featured two concerts in the afternoon and early evening, with a dozen performing groups. Groups specializing in a wide range of traditions, including Indonesian Gamelan, Brazilian Maracatu and Capoeira, Spanish Flamenco, Japanese Taiko, and more, performed. The evening ended with a grand Bollywood finale, performed by the talented San Diego Civic Dance Arts Company dancers.

Sunday, Harmony and Motion presented a series of music and dance workshops, allowing audience members to participate in some of the forms featured at Harmony and Motion.

Harmony and Motion is co-produced by San Diego Civic Dance Arts (the City of San Diego's multiple award-winning parks and recreation dance program) and The Worldview Project, whose mission is to promote greater cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and appreciation. For more information and tickets, visit