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LeadPages monthly basis pricing

Everyone knows what LeadPages is and for those who do not know anything about LeadPages I am going to brief you a little. LeadPages is basically a landing page builder through which you can build your website’s landing page. It has a collection of millions of templates that can give your website a unique and attractive look. In this article, I am going to give you the details of different plans of LeadPages on monthly basis.

LeadPages has three types of plans. The first one is named known as advanced, the name of the second plan is pro and the last version of LeadPages pricing is known as standard. So, lets the different plans and their features.

  1. Standard: the price of this plan is $37 per month. It includes one site, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. Gives you free hosting and mobile-responsive templates. It also provides you tech support via email.
  2. Pro: this is the most popular package among all three. It comes in $79 for a month. It includes every feature which standard feature has. In extra it gives you online sales and payment service, unlimited A/B Split testing, email trigger links, and 10 opt-in text campaigns.
  3. Advanced:this plan comes $321 for a month if you taking on a monthly basis. It will give you a free trial for 144 days. It contains all the features given by its pro and standard version. Moreover, it gives you the increment of everything as it gives you up to 50 sites  whereas the pro version gives you 3 sites. It has some extra features of advanced integration, 50 extra opt-in text campaigns, 1 4-on-1 quick start call and includes 5 pro-sub-accounts.

Each of these gives you 14 days free trial and no one gives you a free domain. Lastly, best wishes on your website.…

Best helper for online businesses

When we talk about our business today we generally discuss more how things got to turn if your business is taken online. So in this article, we will discuss two different platforms where you can market your business online perfectly through the services that they provide.

The first one is the ClickFunnels, well this is a simple platform that lets you built landing pages, in addition to that it also provides you Email and SMS marketing tools built in the application so you don’t have to pay additionally for any of such plugins. Since ClickFunnels provides you all the tools at the same interface, you do not have to jump between tabs for searching in tools that are already available at your page.

For small businessmen and marketers, it’s a great tool as it provides premade funnels which help you not to brainstorm at the beginning, as soon as you get more familiar to the tools, you can change accordingly as per your requirement.

The second tool that we were talking about is Infusionsoft keap, it has been an amazing tool for large businessmen and it’s also a bit expensive. Infusionsoft includes the trending affiliate marketing tools in it which help you make customers through it and also build a great sales and marketing team through your product sale.

It provides you various email templates to choose from, making it easier for you to send a detailed message to your customers, and also it’s quite easy to customize. In case your business depends more on email conversations, choosing in Infusionsoft would e great help for you.

Although Infusionsoft is a bit less popular in the market due to its heavy pricing and there are also some issues when the emails are not properly delivered to the required recipient. That’s it for clickfunnels vs infusionsoft.…