Home Decor Write for Us

Are you a good writer? Are you looking for someone to share your ideas? Are you alone in the lockdown and want to talk with someone? What is the best place for a blogging website? Here, you can share your ideas, you can share your views with a mass. And the best thing is that we have a lot of active members who will see your post and will also give you reviews, feedback and will ask questions if they have any. And you will get a platform where you will share the ideas. So what are you thinking? Go, write an article and submit it for review to us.

What is Home Décor Write for Us Guidelines?

The Guidelines to write an article for us is given below.

  1. Avoid long introduction. Always try to write straight to the point.
  2. It must include a catchy headline.
  3. The words should be ranging from 1000 words to 1500 words.
  4. We prefer the long-form in the depth posts.
  5. We will not accept any story that is submitted to any other bloggers.
  6. If you want to pitch the idea and not the full draft then please add at least 2 paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.
  7. Send your document in .docx, .pdf, .txt extension. Do not send your submission in zip format.

How to submit the article?

You can send your article through the mail. And we will review it first and we will give you the feedback and point you the area where you should work again (if any). And you will have to submit it again.  After it gets accepted, we will post the article. Home Decor Write for Us.

Last, best wishes to you and have a good day.