Is watching TV shows on Project Free TV legal?

Project Free Tv is one of the most popular online streaming website for watching Tv shows all around the world and that two free of cost.

But the main concern by using this website that people recommend to use VPNs While visiting this website. So it is not legal to watch the Tv shows on Project Free Tv.

Before answering this question, let us first understand that the law covers all the entertainment work called copyright law. This law varies from one country to another. For the USA if you download any material for your personal uses, then it might be that the copyright law may not prosecute you. But if that material is used for any commercial purpose, then it may be illegal, and you may be prosecuted under the law.

Thus, It depends upon the usage of the material weather you may be prosecuted or not.

Is it Safe To Use Project Free Tv

Generally, they generate revenue from all the adds and the popups that appear across the webpage. If you click, any of those adds them it may take you to a new page and would ask you to download any the software. However, one should avoid e downloading this software as they might contain malware and may hack your browser and fills it with irrelevant ads and popups.

Is it legal to use Project Free Tv?

Yes, it legal to watch the Tv shows online by using this website, until and unless you download any material, for public viewing. Any downloaded content for private viewership is legal.


You can enjoy your favourite shows on Project Free Tv for free as they have an extensive collection of Tv shows from all across the globe.