Paid and unpaid sites like Stream2Watch

If you are a user of Strem2Watch, then you must know that how cool is Stream2Watch and have thought that is Stream2Watch gives you legal service or not? One way offinding whether the live streaming of any app or website it can be Stream2Watch or any else is legal is to see whether it gives add between the stream or not. No producer of any content can afford to release their content without any sponsorship. It will be more difficult and costly too.

Since we know that Stream2Watch is an illegal service provided by the website. So, in this article, we will see some sites like Stream2Watch, which is legal either it will be paid or unpaid. We will discuss both.

Unpaid Sites

The below-given services are those that are Unpaid, and you can access some or all of its content only after paying a few amounts of money.

  1. Hulu: it is the best platform for finding the full and legal TV shows and some movies for the United States visitors.
  2. Puffer: it is the service provided by Stanford University and gives free access to TV. It is operated from California.
  3. Kanopy: it needs a card from any participating local library, and after that, you can access TV free.
  4. Joost: the best platform has a lot of content from a wide range of sources. It gives you the old cartoon classics also, like Transformers, Popeye, He-Man, and many more.
  5. Emol: it contains a vast collection of domains, including movies, videos, music videos, etc.

Paid Sites

  1. Netflix: it has a monthly membership plan and takes a little amount as the membership fee. It has a large number of collection of movies and TV shows.
  2. Apple TV+: ii is a streaming service given by apple to the monthly subscribers. It provides a library of originally produced content that you can easily access through the Apple TV app if you are its subscriber.
  3. Amazon Prime: you must have ordered something from Amazon, but do you know that Amazon also gives you the service of TV channels and shows. Yes, the feature is known as Amazon Prime and charges you with the annual fee.
  4. Google Play movies: the most commonly used app to download any app is Google Play, but you should also know that Google Play doesn’t provide you with apps only, it gives you the movies and TV series if you purchase or rent it.
  5. HBO Go: HBO Go is not any subscription; it is the service that comes with the HBO subscription, which gives you all the contents in HBO.


These are some of the commonly used paid and unpaid services from different sources, which you should try once. Lastly, I want to thank you for giving your precious time and reading my thoughts.